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Welcome to the Linux Resources Software Wish List

As Linux becomes more popular and its user base grows, many people find themselves using a wonderful operating system, but are missing a few of the software packages that they know and love (or are just accustomed to).

Thus, the Linux Resources wish list is designed to provide the Linux Community with an easy way to tally a list of software and hardware that they would like to see ported to Linux. The results of this survey can be used when contacting vendors. Each vote submitted will be used to provide the proof that many vendors need to assure them that their product(s) have a market in the Linux OS.

What is Listed Here?

  • Software:
    Programs from every aspect of computing.
  • Hardware:
    Specific hardware that you would like to use with Linux.

How to Vote

Find the software listed under the category links or search for it. Then select from the radio buttons if you would like to vote on the package listed. Because comments are required, please select one package at a time and fill out the following form.

There are currently 18 categories.
Accounting has 16 entries.
Communication has 3 entries.
Database has 12 entries.
Development has 66 entries.
Educational has 3 entries.
Emulators has 4 entries.
Engineering has 12 entries.
Games has 64 entries.
Geographical has 6 entries.
Graphics has 55 entries.
Hardware has 52 entries.
Multimedia has 42 entries.
Network has 39 entries.
Office has 57 entries.
Other has 53 entries.
Publishing has 29 entries.
Science has 5 entries.
Support has 2 entries.

View the entire list or search for an entry.

Software not listed?

If the software you would like to see ported to Linux is not listed in the Wish List, you can insert your entry by using the submit form. Try searching for the software first--It may already be available for Linux.

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