Linux for Dummies

I've been using Linux for about 6 years now and have found myself running into a regular problem when evangelizing Linux to co-workers and friends: I can't relate to the problems they suggest they've run into when trying Linux. I can't tell if they're just use to using Windoze and find themselves comparing Linux to it so when something doesn't work precisely as it may in Windoze, they think it must be broken. Is it that or is Linux really that difficult for the common PC user? If this the latter is true then I'm apparently not the common PC user because I have no more problems with Linux than I ever had with Windoze (infact once my Linux box was set up I can definitely report having many less problems!!).

Can anyone suggest how I might be better able to help these folks? Maybe I should start carrying a Knoppix distribution with me and just hand them that. Or?

Bob B. - 2005, May 30 - 7:47am.