New to Linux..

Over the weekend I came across an Intel p4 1.8 ghz chip mounted on a used motherboard I wasn't familiar with, I tested it and everything checked out ok. So I decided to purchase the used board and chip combo for $100. I spent another hundred on a power supply, box, and other miscellaneous items. The rest was put together with recycled computer parts from the computer grave yard in my garage. Then it was time to load an OS. As I was about to place my, uh hem, legal copy of XP into the CD rom, I thought, hmm, lets try something different, so I brought out Red Hat Linux 9.0 that I acquired some time ago. I was really impressed on how easy the set up install was, and I suppose most of the credit is due to the Red Hat graphical interface.

I am a web designer and administrator and have been using Mac and Win for about 15 years now. So far, I like what I see in the Red Hat Linux release and look forward to setting up a web server and possibly a home network. I noticed that Linux runs very "smooth" compared to windows. I'll be reporting my experience as I progress with Linux here on this blog. So stay tuned..


epdsn - 2006, January 30 - 3:35pm.