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IN THE NEWS: Press Clippings

Last Updated: Thursday, 29-Jan-98 11:45:21 PST

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Linux is starting to receive a lot of notice in the press these days, and we've found a number of magazine and newspaper articles that mention Linux. Here you can find a list of those articles, and when the article is available on-line, we've provided a link to it. All articles are listed in reverse date order. If you find any articles out there that we don't have listed here, please let us know.

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Lexus-Nexus Linux Results

This is a very impressive search on articles that include the word Linux. Search for a specific publication in the index, or just view all of the results (417 Kb) at once.

Book Reviews

  • "Book Review: Best Linux Book Yet" Byte, May 1997
    Linux A-Z

  • "Spreading the Linux Gospel" PC Magazine, October 8, 1996
    A review of books about Linux, including one of Inside Linux, an SSC publication.

  • "Using Linux"Virtual Computer Library Reviews, 1995

  • "Running Linux"Virtual Computer Library Reviews, 1995

  • "Books: A User's Report" Sys Admin, January 1997
    Reviews of Linux books, including The Linux Sampler: A Linux Resource Guide, an SSC publication.


  • Linux Home Page declared PC Magazine's Site of the Week PC Magazine's InternetUser Site of the Week, December 23, 1996
    www.linux.org, a partial mirror of the pages maintained at SSC's Linux Resources, called "good place to start whether you're an old Linux pro or still wet behind the ears."

  • 1996 PC Week's best product of the year PC Week Online, December 16, 1996
    "Linux is no longer just a political statement .... exceptional choice for corporate intranets."

  • Byte Magazine 1996 Editor's Choice Award Byte Magazine, February 1996
    "A 32 bit Unix OS ... All this for $50"

  • Infoworld's 1996 Desktop OS of the year Infoworld, January 27, 1997
    "As establishing an internet presence becomes significant for businesses, Linux .... becomes a natural choice"

Comparative Studies

  • A Titanic Challenge to Microsoft MSNBC January, 1998
  • Linux Grows Up Computer Currents Interactive 12/09/97
  • Intel-Based Unix: A Great Solution for Intranets Federal Computer Week 12/01/97
  • Internet Servers -- OS Holy Wars Internet Week 09/01/97
    Extensive comparison of Internet servers determines that Linux is an excellent alternative.

  • "Unix Survey: Users Like Reliability, Scalability, and Performance" Byte, October, 1996
    Compares: IBM AIX, Digital Unix, HP-UX, SCO, SunOS/Solaris, System V, and Linux.

  • "What's in a Platform?: Comparing Web Server Products on a Variety of Platforms" PC Week, April 1, 1996
    Compares: Stronghold Apache - SSL 1.0.3 + 1.1 for Linux, Esplanade Secure Edition 1.2 for Windows NT, GNN Server 2.0 for Solaris, Internet Connection Secure Server for OS/2 Warp 1.1, Purveyor WebServer for NetWare 1.0, and WebStar/SSL 1.2.4.

General/Informational Detailed Articles

  • Lovely Linux: Introducing Our Regular Linux Column OS News, 10/13/97

  • Linux flexes its Internet muscle Network World, 10/13/97

  • Linux is Alive and Kicking The Computer Post November 1997

  • The Greatest OS That (N)ever Was Wired, August 1997

  • 12-Step: Linux boot, November 1997

  • "Linux: It's Not Just an Operating System, It's a Religion" Computing Canada, July 08, 1997

  • "Breathing New Life Into Old SPARCs" Unix Review, August 1997

  • "Linux in a Gray Flannel Suit" Byte, March 1997

  • "The State of Linux" Byte, January 1997

  • "Linux Opens Corporate Shareware Doors" Datamation, April 1, 1996

  • "Linux Matters" Byte, February, 1996
    In depth-- what you need and what's inside.

  • "History Repeats Itself with Linux" Digital Systems Journal, Nov/Dec 1995

  • "Public Domain OS Catches On" Software Magazine, October, 1995

  • "Is Freeware Worth It?" Infoweek, August 14, 1995

General/Informational Short Articles

  • "An OS for the people" Lan Times, October 27, 1997

  • "Consortium Segregates the Bus" BYTE, August, 1997

  • "Getting the Most out of Linux" PC Magazine, August, 1997

  • "Leaning Toward Linux" PC Magazine, July, 1997

  • "Unix Helps the Disabled" BYTE, April, 1997

  • "Linux Redux: Building an Effective Linux Server"Boarderwatch Magazine, March 1997

  • "Linux to Join Netscape Server Line-Up"Info World, February 10, 1997

  • "The State of Linux" Byte, January, 1997

  • "Five Percent Wiretap-Free (Guaranteed!)" Wired, November, 1996
    Very brief article mentioning Linux as part of scheme for network security.

  • "Linux: Worth The Hike" DECUS Magazine, Fall 1996
    "To summarize our discussion of Linux so far, the key word for use of Linux is `great.' The key word for support is `chaos.' But the key word for installation is `hike-in-the-woods.'"

  • "Taking a Second Look at Linux" PC Week, October 21, 1996
    The article that was his "first look" is here.

  • "No good deed goes unpunished" PC Week, November 4, 1996
    Bill Machrone responds to some of the overly harsh criticism of some of the inaccuracies in "Taking a Second Look at Linux."

  • "Free-software phenomenon revisited" PC Week, November 11, 1996

  • "Linux Catches Corporate Eye" Lan Times, August 19, 1996

  • "Linux May Give Reasons to Remove Win95, NT from Your Desktop System" Infoworld, July 8, 1996

  • "Networking: Nashville's Internet Traffic Success" Government Technology Magazine, May 1996
    The city government chose Linux for use in both the metro government system and for CityNet, the public internet access sytem.

  • "You Get a Lot More Than You Pay for With Linux" MacWeek, February 26, 1996

  • "Sophistication, Geek Appeal and Low Price Earn Linux a Place in the Internet Crowd" Government Computer News, February 5, 1996

  • "The Linux Phenomenon" Byte, November, 1995

  • "Linux Makes a Nice Toy, But Still Has Some Growing Up To Do" Digital UNIX News, November/December 1995

  • "Linux-The Inexpensive Server: What is Linux (and where do I get it)?" net.tech, March/April 1995

  • "A Great Intellectual Adventure Is Behind the Linux OS" Open Systems Today, September 12, 1994

Interviews and Quotes from Linus

  • "Giving It All Away" Metro, May 8, 1997

  • "Linux: Microsoft's Real Competition?" PC Week, October 7, 1996

  • "How Finnish programmer's quest challenged Microsoft and made him a Net star" San Jose Mercury News, September 8, 1996

  • "Linux: Unix Power for Peanuts" Washington Post, May 22, 1995

Product Reviews

  • WebZerver Fosters E-Z Setup Network Computing, October 1, 1997

  • Applix Words for Linux: Simple as pie Harvard Computer Review September 1997
  • Billed As The Swiss Army Knife Of Operating Systems - Caldera touts Linux Computer Reseller News 09/01/97
  • Product Comparison, Unix Servers: Caldera Open Linux Lan Times, September 15th, 1997

  • "Making Linux more Livable" BYTE International Edition, July, 1997
    "Caldera's Open Linux Base is a feature-packed OS that offers a lot of power for little money."

  • "Caldera's OpenLinux Base Product is Linux Made Easy" Info World, February 3, 1997

  • "Linux Operating System Cheap, Powerful Red Hat Linux 4.0 Has No Web- Connection Limits"
    Infoworld, October 14, 1996
    "I'm in awe of how quickly the Linux operating system is moving foward. Last summer I predicted that Linux...would infiltrate mainstream corporate America. If Red Hat Software Inc. (and all the unsung Linux contributors) continue advancing Linux at the present rate, such widespread adoption is guaranteed."

  • "The Internet Notebook: MkLinux" Unix Review, September, 1996

  • "INT Announces Carnac and Free Tools for Linux" C/C++ Users Journal, August, 1996

  • "Caldera Takes Linux Into the Big Leagues with Caldera Open Linux" Infoworld, June 17, 1996

  • "Developers Get Linux for PPC" MacWeek, May 27, 1996

  • "At Last- a Suite of Business Apps for Linux" PC Week, May 27, 1996

  • "CND Eases Linux Into the Mainstream" PC Week, April 1, 1996

  • "Caldera Puts Net on Desktop" PC Week, February 26, 1996

  • "Red Hat Linux Eases Installation" Infoworld, December 11, 1995

  • "Internet Servers for Under $100? Here's One!" Datamation, July 1, 1995

  • "Alpha Systems Targeted for Unix Variant" Computerworld, March 27, 1995

  • "Small companies cash in on opportunities to patch Linux for mainstream use" Infoworld, December 23, 1996
    "A number of small companies are making good money by stripping away the excuses IS managers usually give for passing over Linux."

  • "Hot Caldera rates a look as an Internet service, maybe even for desktops" Infoworld, February 19, 1996

  • "Power of Cooperation" Byte Magazine, September 1994
    "Linux, a truly robust Unix clone, has evolved out of the Internet--and it's freely available"

Technical Usage and Application

  • The $49.95 NC: Linux can provide a cost-effective way to salvage all those aging 486s NC World August 1997
  • "Breathing New Life Into Old SPARCs" UNIX Review, August 1997
    "If Solaris 2.x is a little too much for your old SPARC workstations, why not try the more compact Linux?"

  • "Building a Virtual Private Network with Linux"SysAdmin, July 1997

  • "Easy as 5-4-3"Network VAR, March 1997

  • "UNIX Filesystems Without I-Nodes" Dr. Dobb's Journal, February 1997

  • "Connecting LAN Users to the Internet Using Linux and IP Masquerade" Sys Admin, January, 1997

  • "Eschewing The Internet for External Data Sharing" Sys Admin, January, 1997

  • "Writing Linux Device Drivers" Sys Admin, January, 1997

  • "Disaster Prevention" Sys Admin, January, 1997

  • "The Linux Software Map" Unix Review, January, 1997

  • "Companies Begin Tracking Web-Use Patterns" Communications Week, October 14, 1996

  • "Building a Linux Web Server" Sys Admin, October, 1996

  • "Hackers Step Up Attacks" Computerworld, June 10, 1996

  • "Set Up Your Net Site With Linux and Save Money" Computer Weekly, May 2, 1996

  • "Forthware: Getting to the Hardware from Linux" Forth Dimensions, Mar/Apr 1996

  • "Implementing Loadable Kernel Modules for Linux" Dr. Dobb's Journal, May 1995

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