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COMMUNITY: Groups of Linux Users Everywhere

GLUE: Groups of Linux Users Everywhere


Welcome to the Groups of Linux Users Everywhere information page. This site is here to help you find a local Linux User Group or establish one yourself.

If there aren't any groups registered in your area yet, you can post your interest in establishing such a group and/or offer contact information for others in the area with similar interests.

If you are interested in forming your own group, this page will provide you with some hints on how to set up a group and develop your own web presence.

Why should your Linux User Group Join GLUE?
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27-May-1998 15:10:47 PDT

Offers to GLUE Groups

Information and Resources for Linux User Groups
  • User Groups and Trade Shows
    Lessons from the Atlanta Linux Showcase.

  • Linux User Group HOWTO
    A guide to founding, maintaining, and growing a Linux User Group, by Kendall Grant Clark of the North Texas Linux Users Group (a GLUE Member)!

  • Where to Meet
    Considerations for chooisng a meeting space for your LUG, from GLUE.

  • GLUE Mailing List Archives

Other Lists of LUGs
  • The Linux Documentation Project's Linux Users Groups List

  • LUG List Project

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