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Linux is constantly evolving. Aside from the work that is always being done on the operating system itself by kernel developers all over the world, there are also dozens of side projects -- projects to port Linux to new hardware, projects to provide better documentation for Linux, projects to create new applications to make Linux more functional and useful.

If you know of a web page for a Linux project that is not listed above, please let us know, and we will add it to this page as soon as possible.

Linux Projects

Web pages with the (new!) tag have been added within the last two weeks.

Web pages with the (recommended!) tag have been awarded a Cool Linux Site award by Linux Journal.

If you know of a Linux web site that should be added to this page, please let us know.

A Linux Implementation of the Component Object Model
This site wants to collect information and reactions before starting a project to implement COM on Linux.

Another Linux Project Server
Providing web space and many other services to free linux programmers (Under free License).

Berlin Consortium
The Berlin project is a GUI windowing system on top of the CGI project. We incorporate the CORBA protocol, drag'n'drop, Unicode and other nifty features of a modern GUI. Keywords are flexibility and speed. A better alternative to X. Very beta, but NOT...

Crystal Space: a free 3D engine
Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine. It works under Linux, Windows, DOS, OS/2, Macintosh and Amiga. It supports portal based rendering with mirrors, colored lights, 3D sprites, alpha transparency, scripting, ...

EPCKPT - A checkpoint utility for Linux Kernel
A kernel based checkpointing utility for Linux. Checkpointing is the ability to save a running process' state for later restart.

eXode -- Enhanced X Open Desktop
A free desktop project to create a set of tools that are integrated, but can still be used seperately.

FreeTDS Project
An open-source implementation of the TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol used by Sybase and Microsoft database clients. Supports dblib, ctlib, and odbc.

GNOME is the GNU Network Object Model Environment. This project intends to build a complete, user-friendly desktop based entirely on free software, using the GTK toolkit.

HP Office Jet for Linux
Home site for the linux-hpoj project. The HP OfficeJet is a print/fax/pcfax/scan/copy multi use peripheral.

Linux Advocacy Project (recommended!)
Dedicated to the promotion of the Linux OS to commercial application developers as a smaller, cheaper, and faster alternative.

Linux Aptitude Test
Establishing a quantitative measure to assist in determining a person's knowledge and general usefulness in Linux setup, configuration, and maintenance.

Linux Documentation Project (recommended!)
The canonical set of Linux online and printed documentation.

Linux Giveaway List
Here you can find people who are willing to give away a Linux CD for the price of postage. Others offer to lend a CD locally or have deposited a CD with a local library. Hardware and literature is also being given away.

Linux in Education
seul-edu is the discussion list for those interested in using Linux for education. This covers all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, pa rents, and students.

Linux Interface Project
A group of programmers who decided that Linux users need a nice graphical interface and a good library to accomplish the task.

Linux Motion Video (MJPEG)
Linux Video Capture/Editing/Playback MJPEG solution project Manufacturing PCI card with Linux as a target platform, developing software driver for it under GPL.

Linux Router Project
This project is about to begin work on their minimal root fs.

Linux Standard Base
The Linux Standard Base will help coordinate efforts to recruit software vendors to port and write products for Linux. Membership is free.

Linux/AP+ Project
Porting Linux to the AP1000+ Multicomputer.

Mnemonic Browser Project
Formerly called the Linux Browser Project. A project to create, from the ground up, a web browser that is available as free software.

Mozilla developers CD-R
Description of Mozzila developers CD-R including pre-built trees for Linux of Mozilla, plus lots of useful extras.

Objex project
Developing an object model for Linux.

Open Source Community-Corel Computer
Corel Computer Corporation in co-operation with the Ottawa Carleton Linux Users Group, are pleased to announce the Open Source Community - Corel Computer Corporation Netwinder Development Project.

PAPERS Project Home Page
Purdue's Adapter for Parallel Execution and Rapid Synchronization.

Project Andromeda
A proposed MkLinux distribution.

New tree-based filesystem that rivals ext2.

SGI/Linux project page
A project to port Linux to Silicon Graphics machines.

Simple End-User Linux (SEUL)
The goal of SEUL is to help Linux become an OS that the average home/office user can install and use productively.

Slug is the result of severe insomnia and late night #linux irc-ing. Basicly if you need help at 4:00am we might be awake. (see addreses on page).

Team Linux
Team Linux is a group of Linux users trying to crack the RC5 encryption scheme. Any Linux user can join at any time.

The Beowulf Project
A project to produce the software for off-the-shelf clustered workstations.

The Free Software Bazaar
A place where people can offer money for the writing or extending of free software or documentation.

The Free Trek Project Homepage
The Free Trek project is an effort to build a space battle simulator that will run under Linux and other operating systems. Everyone is invited to contribute.

The K Desktop Environment
KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system. Currently in Beta. Our centra...

The Linux Cross-Reference Project
A fully indexed, searchable and clickable hypertext presentation of the Linux source code.

The Linux Game Software Development Kit Project
A project to provide Linux programmers a powerful, easy-to-use, portable interface to make games and other multimedia software.

The Linux Lab Project
Intended to help people with development of data collection and process control software for Linux.

The Linux Projects Catalogue
Find information about Linux projects/packages that are in the design or coding stage.

The Linux-GGI project
A General Graphics Interface for Linux that will allow easy use of graphic hardware and input facilities under the Linux OS.

The Nirvana Project
A new GUI system, where the look'n feel lies on the user's side. Fully configurable, with new GUI concepts.

The Trove Project
Next generation internet software archiving. http://www.topaz.kiev.ua/UMT.html Ultimate Mail Tool project An e-mail reader developed in Topaz-Inform. The web site also has a http://www.crocodile.org/UMT/UMT.html US Mirror.

The Wine Project
Wine is an emulator that allows MS Windows applications to run on ix86 UNIX systems, including Linux. http://www.winehq.com/ WineHQ the Windows emulator headquarters.

tkWorld Project
The tkWorld Project is focused on creating a GUI interface to the standard linux/unix shells and commands using Tcl/Tk. No longer will you have to type commands at the shell prompt and have trouble remember with the correct command line flag options.

VMELinux - Linux for embedded VMEbus systems.
With the VMELinux Linux system driver, one can access the VMEbus with an embedded Intel VMEbus board. With Linux as another choice in operating systems, the VMEbus has new possibilities.

WineHQ is the site for Wine users and developers. Links to the linpro site should be removed, as it is not being maintained.

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