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Upcoming Linux, Unix, Free Software, and Open Source Events:

New Links:

NEW! [99/02/04] -- Erik's page about Linux/Programming/A few other things.., has Linux information and tips.

NEW! [99/02/04] -- Gwydion Dylan, an open-source implementation of the Dylan programming language.

NEW! [99/02/04] -- Linux Hardware.net, has lots of information about Linux hardware, and the "Driverbase" database of device drivers.

NEW! [99/01/26] -- Clearing Center Server (CCS), a new project to create an integrated system to manage EDI, file transmission, file conversion and external applications.

NEW! [99/01/25] -- The Internet Operating System Counter, a survey of operating system usage on the Internet.

NEW! [99/01/25] -- LinuxBusiness, a Linux in business advocacy site.

NEW! [99/01/25] -- The Linux Usability Testing and Evaluation (LUTE) project.

NEW! [99/01/23] -- An introductory presentation on Linux in slide format, from the Metro Detroit Linux User's Group.

NEW! [99/01/23] -- DOSEMU, a Linux DOS emulator.

NEW! [99/01/20] -- Linux IPFW Firewall Design Tool, a web-based firewall configuration tool.

NEW! [99/01/20] -- Linux Firewall and Security Site, has information on configuring an Internet Firewall and Home LAN With Linux, and also has lots of security and related links.

NEW! [99/01/20] -- TrinityOS, a complete Linux server configuration, maintinance, and security guide for the Linux novice and Linux guru alike!

NEW! [99/01/20] -- Argentinean Linux Documentation Project.

NEW! [99/01/19] -- The Linux PA-RISC porting project.

NEW! [99/01/12] -- Linux in Ukraine, has some translations and Linux information (Russian).

NEW! [99/01/10] -- Linux Hamradio Applications and Utilities.

NEW! [99/01/10] -- Hans' Fixkeys Page, describes how to get the backspace, delete and other keys working.

NEW! [99/01/10] -- The UNIX versus NT Organization, is dedicated to etting the facts straight about the various commercial and Open Source UNIX operating systems as they relate to Microsoft Windows NT.

NEW! [99/01/10] -- The WPLUG HOWTO Maintenance Project.

NEW! [99/01/10] -- Linuxberg, a new Linux software site from the TUCOWS folks.

NEW! [99/01/05] -- Linux Administração de Sistemas, a book on system administration (Portuguese).

NEW! [99/01/05] -- LinuxArchives, a collection of Linux software.

NEW! [99/01/05] -- Chinese Linux Extensions, a collection of Chinese-related software.

NEW! [99/01/04] -- Corporate Desktop Linux, an initiative to make the Linux operating system ready for widespread deployment as the standard enterprise desktop.

NEW! [99/01/04] -- A Linux Fact Sheet, has summaries of information on Linux.

NEW! [99/01/04] -- The Linux Knowledge Base, a searchable archive of Linux documentation and links.

NEW! [99/01/04] -- Linux Kernel Version History shows the release dates about the Linux kernels (beginning at 0.01).

NEW! [98/12/29] -- Introduction à qmail (French).

NEW! [98/12/29] -- Top Of The Penguin, lists some facts about Linux systems in a Top 10 list.

NEW! [98/12/28] -- Z Object Publishing Environment (Zope), a free free, open source web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites.

NEW! [98/12/28] -- The Polish Man Translation Project.

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