Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Robert Kiesling,

October 4, 1998

This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions for Linux, the free Unix for just about every computer hardware platform on the planet. Originally written for 386/486/586 Intel/ISA bus machines, versions exist for Alpha, MIPS, ARM, 680x0, and PPC processors, and many others. (See the question, `` What is Linux? '' below.) This document should be read in conjunction with the Linux Documentation Project's HOWTO series. (`` Where can I get Linux material by FTP? '' and, `` Where can I get the HOWTO's and other documentation? '') The INFO-SHEET and META-FAQ, which are found in the same place, also list sources of Linux information. Please look at these documents, and, `` You still haven't answered my question! '' before posting to a Usenet news group. You can also get Postscript, HTML, SGML, and plain ASCII versions of this document. (`` Formats in which this FAQ is available. '')

1. Introduction and General Information

2. Network sources and resources.

3. Compatibility with other operating systems.

4. Linux's handling of file systems, disks, and drives

5. Porting, compiling and obtaining programs

6. Solutions to common miscellaneous problems.

7. How do I do this or find out that ... ?

8. Miscellaneous information and questions answered.

9. Frequently encountered error messages.

10. The X Window System.

11. Questions applicable to very out-of-date software.

12. How to get further assistance.

13. Administrative information and acknowledgments.