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New Links:

NEW! [98/05/19] -- Trinux: A Linux Security Tool Kit, contains the latest versions of popular network/security tools and fits on two floppy disks.

NEW! [98/05/19] -- User Guide Dog Project, a documentation project with tips on Linux, and they have a sense of humor too.

NEW! [98/05/19] -- Free Software Sites on the Internet, an index list of free software packages with links to their location.

NEW! [98/05/19] -- Linux SNA, a project to develop complete Systems Network Architecture (SNA) support for Linux.

NEW! [98/05/19] -- Linux Support Services, a free volunteer-staffed technical support service.

NEW! [98/05/12] -- Linux MM Patches, some patches for the memory management part of the Linux kernel.

NEW! [98/05/12] -- MicroLinux, a small Croatian Linux distribution (Croatian).

NEW! [98/05/12] -- Ext2, a weekly online magazine (Turkish).

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Links to Free PC Software, a database of free software for DOS, OS/2, Linux, and Windows.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Bochs for Windows, an emulator that can run Linux, Windows 95 and more within Windows 95/NT.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Linux Fortune Cookies, a collection of Linux and computer-related quotes.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Linux Gazette - Version franšaise (French).

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Object REXX, an object-oriented scripting language.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- RAID Solutions for Linux, has lots of information about RAID and Linux.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Lou's Infocom/Linux Page, all about ways to run old Infocom games.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Linux Resources, a great page with lots of information, including a big list of Linux books and lots of links.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- A Linux Questionnaire, (with results), about people's experiences with Linux.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- X Window System Terminals, describes how to convert low-end PCs into X Terminals.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Linux Homepage (French).

NEW! [98/05/11] -- X11 Games, a page all about games that run under X Windows.

NEW! [98/05/11] -- Corel Embraces Open Source, a recent article in Wired.

NEW! [98/05/07] -- Angel Negro, has some guides and tutorials (Spanish).

NEW! [98/05/07] -- Everything Linux!, has lots of newbie information, tips, a discussion forum, and loads of information and links.

NEW! [98/05/07] -- Introduktion till GNU/Linux, a book on Linux and C programming (Swedish).

UPDATED! [98/05/01] -- LinuxFocus, an online free multilingual magazine for the Linux community.

NEW! [98/04/27] -- Linux Journalists International, a database of Linux-friendly journalists.

NEW! [98/04/27] -- Consistent BackSpace and Delete Configuration has lots of information about configuring these keys in shells and many applications.

NEW! [98/04/27] -- An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, about Linux Beowolf clusters.

NEW! [98/04/27] -- First Monday, has several interesting articles in a recent issue.

NEW! [98/04/27] -- Leminator, information about emulators that run under Linux.

NEW! [98/04/27] -- A driver for the HP OfficeJet.

NEW! [98/04/26] -- LCDproc, a driver for Matrix Orbital 20x4 LCD displays.

NEW! [98/04/23] -- Linux 3D Modeling and Rending, has links and information about 3D graphic modeling, rendering, ray tracing, etc.

NEW! [98/04/21] -- Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX, a recent performance comparison and analysis by consultant John Kirch.

NEW! [98/04/20] -- Linux Dragon Cyber Space has many HOWTO translations and information in Portuguese.

NEW! [98/04/20] -- linux-howto, a site for general Linux news, information and links.

NEW! [98/04/19] -- Focus on Linux, has many Linux links and collections of information.

NEW! [98/04/19] -- SAS for Linux, a site exploring the feasibility of and promoting a port of the SAS system to Linux.

NEW! [98/04/19] -- Project Finnish manpages (Finnish).

NEW! [98/04/13] -- mon, an extensible service monitoring daemon which can be used to monitor network or non-network resources.

NEW! [98/04/13] -- Dark Rain: Empowering New Users, a promising new Linux site.

NEW! [98/04/13] -- IS SURVIVAL GUIDE, a recent article in InfoWorld praises Linux and offers an interesting look at Linux and NT.

NEW! [98/04/13] -- Linus Torvalds talks economics and operating systems, a recent article in InfoWorld.


General Linux Information

General and introductory Linux information.


Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) is working on developing good, reliable documentation for the Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in taking care of all of the issues of Linux documentation, ranging from online documentation (man pages, HTML, and so on) to printed manuals covering topics such as installing, using, and running Linux. Here is the Linux Documentation Project Manifesto and Copyright License for LDP works.

For translations of LDP works and documentation in languages other English, have a look at the !english links.

You can search the LDP Guides and HOWTOs with the Excite Search Engine, and search the the man pages (fully cross-referenced!) too.

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